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Chinese Billionaire Chief Executive Officer & White House Political Aide Edmond Choi


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Volunteer Job Openings:

Below are a list of volunteer jobs for the entertainment technology executive and White House Political Aide

Email collectors
Salespeople to help sell products and services
T-shirt models

Leg Avenue Models

Celebrities that want to help out the Celebrity Head Boss

Female brand ambassadors

Asians to be on video

Chinese freelance cooks

Restaurant sponsors - sponsor food or location

Makeup artists
Actors and actresses



Producer to create videos/commercials
Promoters to get the word out for The Hollywood Insider Magazine; Asian Insider Magazine; and Magical Entertainment Services; 
Event organizers, location manager, & helpers to create parties
Star Trek fans wearing their Star Trek outfits
Casting Directors for Meet & Greet event
DC Universe Power Girl & Star Sapphire female models

Voice artists to make stuff animals talk & move

Vfx artists to make promo videos

Film Edmond playing basketball

Environmental specialists - writers, host, hostess, etc.

Pay: you get 2 weeks website advertising on Hollywood Insider Magazine, a $500 

value. You get to put 1 jpg picture and 1 website link on the magazine.

It's the online magazine seens everywhere by celebrities, executives, etc. in 

Southern California, etc.


You can barter with whatever item I have for trade.

Send email with short letter, resume, and picture to