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Abridged version: A True Hollywood Story

It was late May of 1993 when officials from Harvard University visited Alhambra High School to give me an unexpected interview. My teacher excused me from class and had me enter an enclosed dark classroom for the interview. I didn't know who was in the room since it was dark and I was asked to take off my glasses. The interview lasted for at least an hour. I think I would thank T.Y. because she setup the interview... After the interview, I was never given the results of the interview. It's now June of 1993 and high school graduation is now over. I'm glad I left school...

In the Spring of 1996, I entered National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) in Burbank, CA. To my surprise, I was given the opportunity to be any executive in the entertainment industry according to Harvard University from my interview in 1993. I was 20 years old at the time. I helped the entertainment industry develop breakthrough television shows, movies, and great product and service ideas which are all listed on my website. I was given the title of Senior Vice President for NBC. My ideas were useful worldwide and I was given the title World Leader. During this time I really had to thank Jack Welch and NBC. Jack and NBC allowed me to meet with other celebrities and World Leaders such as Michael Eisner, Kofi Annan, John Chambers, Bill Gates, Dick Parsons, Rupert Murdoch, Ted Turner and other great leaders to hear my ideas. During this time, I also founded Entertainment Software Ratings Board (ESRB) which is used worldwide. Another worldwide idea I conceptualized was the use of a panic room in people's homes. My idea was turned into a movie starring Jodie Foster.

One of my greatest accomplishments was to discuss the digital revolution of cameras and camcorders. During this time, no digital cameras or digital camcorders were invented. I suggested the use of these devices and to create new standard ports for the computer to handle the connectivity between computers and cameras/camcorders. I coined the word Universal Serial Bus (USB) and Firewire. Universal Serial Bus was initially used to handle the data transfer from digital camera to a computer. I then decided that every external device for the computer should be connected to the computer using a USB connection such as scanners, printers, and external harddrives. I also coined the word Firewire which was used to bridge the digital camcorder to the computer. These new ports were greatly needed to support the connectivity of digital cameras and digital camcorders. The existing serial and parallel ports on the computer was not fast enough to handle the data transfer of images and videos from these devices.

Some of the benefits of using digital cameras and digital camcorders was to help develop more content on the internet. On-line auction companies, e-commerce companies, and internet companies greatly benefited from the use of digital cameras. Online auction companies benefited by allowing the consumers at home to sell their items over the internet easily. Consumers were able to take digital pictures and post them on the internet instantly. On-line auction companies wouldn't have benefited as much as they do now considering that it would take too much time for consumers to develop the 35mm film and have it scanned on to a computer in order to sell something. E-commerce companies benefited by taking 1000's of pictures of their inventory and having it posted on their websites instantly when businesses are competing at the speed of light. Communication companies would benefit by selling more communication hardware and software to help expand internet bandwidth usage and promote cable modems and dsl lines. Consumers would now be able to maximize their on-line usage on the internet.

Another benefit of these new devices was to allow consumers to edit their home videos at home which they were never able to do before. Traditional camcorders only allowed consumers to view their tapes on their VCR. Now they are able to edit their home videos on their computers easily by using packaged software.

I like to thank everyone who created these devices, embraced my vision of the future to improve mankind, and developed my television shows, movies, and other ideas listed on my website. I look forward to seeing and working with you again in the near future.



Edmond Choi